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Our  Approach

Avolsi is a Private Men's Health club for passionate experts and entrepreneurs. We embrace a holistic and botanical approach to enhance human performance, which goes beyond modern nutritional practice. Avolsi focuses on wellness restoration, cellular regeneration and Intracellular detoxification through our W.i.7 Programmes and Herbal Supplements. We believe in the power of nature and that the body has the innate ability to heal itself when provided with an optimal environment for maximum cellular potential.  Our primary methodology for rejuvenating the mind & body is Amino Acid Therapy by carefully integrating natural wholefoods and herbs on our members High Performance Meal Plan.

Our Mission is to reignite the inner flame within our clients and members on a cellular level to experience the true power of High Performance Nutrition.

Our vision is to be like water, to flow with velocity in the direction of Nathan's adventures.

Nathan  Khazown

High  Performance  Nutritionist  &  Founder

Nathan began his journey in the health and nutrition industry as a Qualified Personal Trainer over a decade ago. After realising that the human body composition is influenced by 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, he made a logical decision to delve into the world of nutritional biochemistry and herbology. During this transition, Nathan decided to work as a sales consultant for Nuffield Health in Stockley Business Park, working mostly with corporate companies and their employees. He noticed that living a sedentary lifestyle was completely different to an active lifestyle which had a negative impact on his cognitive health, mood and weight. Being seated and staring at a screen for majority of the day made him feel lethargic and gained excess body fat around his waist.


This was the perfect time to experiment and implement his knowledge from his studies to create a High Performance Meal Plan & Lifestyle. Nathan began to lose weight rapidly and felt like a new man in a new body. Ascending from the top sales person is his club to number 1 sales consultant out of 102. Nathan realised that his new nutritional habits directly influenced him to feel more energised and focused which propelled him to achieve more success with Nuffield Health. Nathan enjoys adding value to peoples lives so he thought it would be a great idea to coach like-minded office professionals and entrepreneurs through the creation of Avolsi.

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The fundamentals of our High Performance coaching systems are about guiding individuals from their current health state to unlock their fullest potential in their professional and personal life. We help our clients to divert their high motivation, and overcome the blockers that's holding them back from feeling optimal. The body is more intelligent than we think; every symptom that you have is a way of your body communicating to you that your diet and lifestyle needs to change. As experts, it is our duty to find out the root of your symptoms and set laser-focused goals and clear timelines to resolve your problems. We focus on building a strong, trustworthy relationship with clients to ensure that we get the results that you desire.

We work with experts and high-level entrepreneurs that are ready to embark on a new chapter of reinvention. Therefore, we take an honest and direct approach to ensure that we do not waste your time. We are professionals who enjoy providing a result-driven experience that teaches you how to look after your mind and body
, igniting a lasting spark of excellence.

The core of High Performance Nutrition is amino acid therapy. Amino acid therapy is an holistic and botanical approach to aid food, alcohol, nicotine or coffee addictions and boosts cognitive and mental health recovery. Nourishing the body with the particular amino acids it needs to regenerate the neurotransmitter system, hormones, immune system and gut system. We coach our clients to adopt this methodology as a lifestyle to ensure they perform optimally long-term. 

The personalised High Performance Meal Plans are tailored to each Members lifestyle and food preferences to encourage sustainable healthy eating habits. Humans are an electrical living being, hence why every element in the human body is found in the earth. Therefore we are designed to thrive of bioelectrical wholefoods and herbs. We found that our members who consumed minimal processed food, refined sugar and less dairy had less inflammation on their joints, better skin and more energy. Nathan's approach enables clients to tap into the wellspring of their potential, achieve optimum cognitive and body performance, and experience a sense of flow and fulfilment in all areas of life.


Whether you're a prolific expert or a influential leader, adopting a high performance mindset significantly enhances your chances of success. Professionals typically have a higher growth mindset than the average person, however they find it difficult to channel their mindset towards connecting their mind to body, due to lack of knowledge and living a busy lifestyle.  This can impact various areas of your life such as your personal relationships, career, and overall well-being. If you have achieved great success without our proven High Performance system then imagine how many more realms of greatness you have left to explore from your work productivity levels to passing on high value knowledge to your loved ones.
We break down your goals into manageable tasks, creating a clear roadmap that guides you throughout your transformational journey. Continuous improvement is not only essential on your nutrition and wellbeing journey but facing your current obstacles creates a positive and proactive attitude towards eating habits and lifestyle challenges.
We communicate with our clients at least once a week to ensure that they remain ignited when transitioning from a dysfunctional mind to a high performance mindset. A dysfunctional mind consist of feeling depressed, indecisive, stressed, mood swings, low libido and many more. Whereas the backbone of a High Performance mindset is the ability to focus on the present moment, manage emotions effectively, maintain a growth mindset, set meaningful goals, and develop prosperous relationships. 

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